Little Angels’ Orphanage

Little angel orphanage home was born in Feb 2006 in lagos by divine inspiration from
the Founder. she had the passion for humanity and the vision came forth, it is a child
fostering organization that aims to transform the lives of orphans through adequate
care and attention.
Little angels’ orphanage has over the years helped so many lifes and by the grace of
God brought refuge to everyone it as come across, the children in the home are
forever grateful to her for heart of love and passion to save and restore life back to
the broken and rejected. The care givers present at Little Angels Orphanage are kind
hearted and ensure that these children and babies are rehabilitated under the most
conducive conditions with unconditional love, care and support, they help in the day
to day activities of running the orphanage home through an empathetic manner,
showing love, care and support to the special children and those with disabilities.


1A, M.A. Oke Str. Isheri-Iyana Iba Rd, Opposite Diamond Estate, Isheri, Lagos State