Heritage Home Orphanages

The Heritage Homes Orphanage set a high standard in child welfare in Nigeria by
creating and running model middle class homes effectively equipped to meet the
physical, mental and sound needs of the children.
The primary purpose of setting up the orphanage was to :
1) Help rescue and assist as many orphaned, abandoned, motherless and abused
children as possible.
2) Provide a first class transit home for them where they can be nurtured and
developed physically, mentally, & spiritually to become useful citizens of our society
and the world at large.
3) Help draw public attention to the plight of these needy children and thereby bring
the much needed change to their circumstances.
4) Get our children adopted or fostered in the shortest possible time by responsible
God fearing couples as we do not believe they ought to grow up in an institution such
as this no matter how comfortable it might be.
5) Open several homes in various parts of the nation.

Address:  45 Faramobi Ajike Street, Anthony Village, Lagos.

Contact Person: Amara Reuben

Contact #: 07031974764

Email: heritageomesinfo@gmail.com

Website: http://www.heritageorphanage.com

Needs for Heritage Home Orphanages

Needs Qty
Risperidone Tab 2 mg/2mg 12
Epilm Syrup 12
Coldliver Oil 10
Omega 3 DHA 10
Tegretol 200 mg 10
Air Freshener Lots
Dettol Antiseptic Liquid Lots
Detergent Lots
Izal Lots
Hypo Lots
Plantain Lots
Beans Lots
Frozen Chicken Lots
Frozen Fish (Titus/Mackerel) Lots
Egusi Lots
Tubers of Yam Lots
Tin Tomatoes Lots
Medical bills for our children . (Ask for details). N 159k) High
Education and After school activities for our children. (Ask for details) High
Internet Subscription (Monthly/Yearly) -13k per month High
Office Chairs (ergonomic) 10
Laptop/Tablet /Ipads for children online classess 6
Electrical fittings for the home (N 130k)  
Custard Lots lots
Cerelac lots
Milk (Powdered) lots
Sugar lots
Cornflakes lots
Golden Morn lots
Butter lots
Sardine/Cornbeef lots
Juice (Caprisonne/Happy Hour/Ribena/Lucozade boost) lots
Water (Nestle/Lasena) Dispenser water lots
Pineapple lots
WaterMelon lots
Orange lots
Apple lots
Banana lots
Paw-Paw lots
Thyme lots
Curry lots
Seasoning Cubes lots
Pants (Female 0-16 years) 25
Boxers (Male 4-18 years) 25
Socks (Black & White) 25
Molfix Diapers (Mini, Midi, Maxi) lots
Singlets (Male & Female 0-18 years) 25
Tights (Female 6-16 years) 25
Dining Table /chairs for for 25 Children (Ask for details) 2
Sofa for the children living room (Ask for details) 2
14 Seater Bus for Heritage Homes Ikota Children 1

Note: If you wish to monetize your donation, kindly pay into our
Zenith Bank Account 1010839604.