Special Correctional Centre for Boys

Special correctional centre for boys, previously known as Boys Remand Home, is located in Oregun, Lagos state. It was created with the intent to house and correct minors who have not fit into modeled societal behavior. Its current location in Oregun was established in 1976, and has been managed by the Lagos state government ever since. In 2007, the government adopted the Child’s Right Act, which was instrumental in changing the nomenclature of the school.

Special correctional centre for boys is a valuable institution, because it represents hope. For many young boys, it is the bridge between a future of uncertainty, and one filled with possibilities. Restitution replaces restiveness, faith substitutes fear, and crime is traded for skillsets that would benefit society.

It is not enough that the boys are kept safe. Our mission is for them to thrive in an environment that is enriching. We want to offer a conducive surrounding that is kind and tailored to bring out the best in them. If you are inspired by this, you can take the next step by contributing to their list of needs.

Address: 75a Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: 08023813287 (Mr. Iyapo, Principal)


Laptops 150,000
Generator (4.5KVA) 130,000
Airconditioners split unit 125,000
Home theater 32inches 120,000
Water tank 1000lt 110,000
Public address system 70,000
Office furniture 65,000
Bag of rice 40,000
Foam 8fts 32,000
Foam 7fts 26,000
Foam 5fts 20,500
Gas cylinder 12.5kg 20,000
Standing fan 14000
White plastic chair 9000
Ceiling fan 8000
Spaghetti carton 8000
Vegetable oil 7000
Noodles carton 5800
Football 2200
Pack of pens 2200
Toilet rolls 2000
Exercise books(10) 2000
pack of singlets 1500
Peak 450g 1500
Milo 450g 1200
Pack of eraser 800
Vaseline 800
Shorts 500
Toothpaste 500
Slippers 400
Sugar cube 400
Mathsets 350
Bar soap 300
Toothbrush 200