For over ten years, Smile Care Initiative have grown far and wide in meeting the needs of the less privileges globally with the aid of vibrant and articulates teenagers and young adults who have come together with the sole aim of positively bringing eternal smiles and impacting in the lives of others.

These same youth who cut across all facets of life have contributed immensely to the success and progress of Smile Care Initiative. They have been able to organise various programmes aimed at improving the lives of these less privileged ones.

These youths believe that the conditions in which we live are variables, and therefore, it is unavoidable that some would come into this world without experiencing the luxuries that others are accustomed to.

Sometimes, the conditions one experiences are so harsh that such people are basically concerned with survival and it is therefore appropriate that the fortunate are compassionate enough to give to the less privileged in order to better the lot of mankind in general. This act of benevolence is the true spirit of mankind and the manifestation of the spirit of God in man.