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Help Others With SmileCare

We Are World WIde Organization

We aim to change the minds of people by convincing them of the possibility of a bright future through hope on Jesus Christ.

We have four divisions that deal in meeting the needs of these children which is done quarterly on every year since inception via selection of different homes withing and outside Nigeria.

We also re-visit homes to rekindle any lost glory even after our first visit with a diverse members cut across the face of the earth.

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Heritage Homes

Help a child...Build a Nations

  • Replacement of Kitchen Marble (Est. Cost 80,000 NGN)
  • Replacement/Repair of Kitchen Cabinets and Doors(Est. Cost 101,000 NGN)
  • Stainless water boiler/ water dispenser(10-20 L) (Est. Cost 49,900 NGN)
  • Electric Hotplate (Sc. 7031 Electric Ceramic Oven Est. Cost 20,500 NGN)
Heritage Homes
Kitchen Needs
Total Need: 251000

Mission is to bring smile of people's faces

Some People Need Help And We Give It!

Your smile is important to us…

We’re worldwide non-profit charity.

Give A Helping Hand For Needs in Orphanage Homes & Hospitals

Our mission is to save lives and meet the basic needs of populations in the most difficult to access areas. We develop programs for the most vulnerable populations who suffer from violence, conflicts, natural disasters or a situation of endemic poverty

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